Sunday, May 2, 2010

Keeping Promises

Keeping my promises to my kids is very important. When I say I will do something then I make sure that I do indeed do it. That means that I need to watch what promises I make! There have been times that I have promised something and then found that I wasn't able to keep it. Honesty is always best, if it can't be done I own up to it. This is important to me because I want my children to grow up to be adults that keep their promises too.

It may seem like a small promise but I told Sarah that we would go to Friday's and share some potato skins together. We discovered Friday's potato skins at Walmart. Late at night we have been known to share a few. These are terrible for anyone on a diet and something I shouldn't be eating late at night. Such is my life, full of temptations. So I said we would go to Friday's one day and eat the real thing, not ones from a box.

Well, Sarah has not forgotten. So, today after church was our mother/daughter outing. It is nice to be able to get out with only one kid on occasion.

I don't think that I have actually eaten at Friday's before. I know that Sarah hasn't. My phone led us directly to one, gotta love all this new technology.

Here they are, very fattening potato skins at Friday's. Mmmmm, they were good. We had a great time enjoying our girl time and really need to do it more often.

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