Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Few Things to Add to my List.......

Today was spent at the doctors office. As military retirees our kids are seen at the local military base. They wouldn't allow us to pick our own physician, we had to use the military facility. It is not very convenient, about a 45 minutes to drive. Sarah got her physical for camp, however I get to go back tomorrow to pick it up. Just what I need to spend my last week doing, driving to Lackland AFB. Add go to Lackland AFB to my list.

I also had Larissa checked out. She has a long history of clenching her jaw when she sleeps. Well, the ENT in SC told us that it was just jaw clenching and is not a problem. We should have gone with our gut, we just didn't feel that it was only jaw clenching. We have noticed that it has been happening more often. Last week Larissa fell asleep on me and I just held her instead of putting her down (she is over 40 lbs and gets heavy!). I held her for an hour and she had two episodes in that time. It wasn't just her jaw clenching, her entire body was clenching and shaking. It is really strange, she clenches her jaw, acts like she is choking, can't be woken up, throws up her hands and wheezes. At the end she will let out a cough and can be woken then. If she is woken right at that point, her eyes will be rolled back in her head. I really felt that she was having seizures. I described her symptoms to the doctor today without telling her my concerns and she immediately said that she was having seizures. I figured that since we were moving next week that she could just give me a referral for a neurologist for in SC. Well, Larissa has a neurology appointment on Friday. I am not sure what they can do for us since we are moving next week, I hope to get a referral for a neurologist in SC. I feel bad that we have let this go on for so long. I should have gone with my gut before and pursued it more back when we were trying to get answers. She even had a sleep study done that came back inconclusive at that time. This is new to me, I have some research to do. Of course, I hope that the neurologist concurs that it is just jaw clenching, I just can't process this right now. So, add neurologist appointment to my things to do this week.

I also got my blood drawn today to see if my thyroid is still "out of whack". I will find out the results on Friday. All I can say is it is a good thing I am not afraid of needles, the nurse blew out my one good vein with blood so she had to look elsewhere for blood. Add, go to doctors appointment to my list.

On our move front, my count down has been off! The packers will be here on Monday, yep a week from today. I took care of the cooking for the week by taking apart the oven for cleaning. Shucks, guess it won't be available for cooking. They estimate that it will take three days to pack and pick up date is Thursday. I think that it will only take two days for packers, hopefully the driver will be able to pick up one day early. If not, we will have a day of boxes and nothing to do but clean. Funny, the guy who came to do our estimate had a hard time, I guess that our garage was a little difficult to estimate. Can't imagine why!

I got a call today from the movers informing me that I need to go out and buy bolts for my front load dryer. Apparently these are needed for them to be able to move the dryer. The men who delivered my dryer should have left the bolts, naturally they didn't. So, add hunt down and buy bolts for my dryer to my list of things to do.

This is only Monday, hopefully I don't have too many other things to add to my list!

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