Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Explaining Moving to a 4 year old........again

Conversation this morning with Larissa.....

Larissa: Mom are we moving?

Me: Yes

Larissa: Where to?

Me: We are moving to the old house. What do you think about that?

Larissa: I want to go to the old house. Someone else will live in this house.

Me: Yes, we were just borrowing this house, someone else will live here after we leave.

Larissa: They will play with my toys.

Me: No, the movers will come and put all your toys in boxes, put them on a big truck and take them to our old house.

Larissa: My blocks, stroller?

Me: yes, everything.

Larissa: Can we wait until Anthony gets home?

Me: We are not moving today, we have 17 days. (Note to self...I really need to get something for the kids to mark down days)

Larissa: Good, after we move you will make me a playhouse and a pool!

Me: Pool!

Sometimes I wonder how much the kids understand all this moving business. This is the first time we are actually moving back to a house we lived in previously. I tell the little ones frequently that the movers are going to take everything back to our old house, but they seem to ask about their stuff often. When we left SC they didn't ask many question and I assume it was because it was their first move with us. The last time we stayed at a hotel Anthony asked me if it was our new home. Hopefully this will be our last move for a long time.
Larissa playing with her current favorite toys. I am truly amazed that the babies are dressed! I didn't stage that.

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