Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

The little ones really don't understand all that needs to be done with a move halfway across the country. They want to play and get into everything while I want them to stay out of the boxes and let me work. That doesn't go well with little ones.

When we rented this house we really thought that we wouldn't be here long. We had no idea that our house would never sell! So, our rental house isn't an ideal house for bike riding. We don't have a driveway and the street has too much traffic for my comfort.

Jason gave me a break and took the kids out to ride their bikes in the street. This summer I hope to get Anthony off of the training wheels and Larissa into a bike that fits her. We gave away her last bike because it was too small and haven't replaced it yet. We did keep the big trike because it took me forever to find one big enough for Larissa.
Yes, I know, they didn't have helmets on. Do y'all put helmets on a trike rider? I need to find one for Larissa when I get her a bike, I wonder how one will fit with her hair. She has issues with cowboy hats.

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