Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pediatric Neurologist

Larissa and I made it to the neurologist today. Thankfully we only had a 15 minute wait. Did I ever mention that she shows a tendency towards being a little ADHD?
At this time we still don't have any answers. She is scheduled for an EEG at 8 in the morning. She is supposed to stay up until 10pm and be woken at 2am. I have to wash her hair tonight and not use any moisturizers. That should be interesting, I have never done her hair without any oils at all. It also has to be completely dried so that leaves out braiding. He hair take forever to dry when braided. I guess she will go natural tomorrow, that should be interesting to say the least. I don't think that I have ever just left her hair down, I will need to take a picture of that. I am truly amazed at how fast they are moving here. I mentioned my concerns to a doctor on Monday, saw a neurologist on Wednesday and have an EEG on Thursday. I really didn't think it was possible. She is being seen at BAMC (Brooke Army Medical Center) for any of you military folks.

On the moving front, it is not going well! I haven't gotten anything accomplished today and don't think I will be too motivated to do much tomorrow. I did, however, go through my clothes and have two more bags of clothing for Goodwill.

5 days until the packers arrive.......

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