Monday, October 31, 2011

A First

For the first time since coming to our home our youngest child Dimples did not ask for food every 5-10 minutes today.  We have had to keep to very strict meal and snack times because the girls literally ask for food all day long, even after they just ate.  So, they have breakfast when they wake up, snack at 10 am, lunch at noon, snack at 3 and dinner around 5:30-6 pm. 

Dimples will get up with the school kids and eat breakfast at 6:30 am.  Starting at 7 am she was asking to eat again at least every 10 minutes.  Imagine my surprise today when I looked at the clock and realized that it was 10:30 and she hadn't asked for food all morning.  I was shocked.  I announced it was snack time and she got all excited.  It was nice to be able to offer it versus being hounded for it.  I guess she has finally figured out that all that food in the pantry is for eating (and mom goes to Walmart for more at least every other day).  Sometimes improvements happen that way, sneak up on you.

(Of course, you know that I just jinxed myself and tomorrow she will be back to asking for food all day.)

No Halloween pictures this year.  I had class so the 2 teenagers took the 4 younger ones out Trick or Treating.  They took pictures but didn't think to take any of Anthony and Larissa separate from the new little ones.  So, I can't post on facebook or my blog.  Oh well, I have them on my computer and maybe can share one day.

The kids got a good stash of candy so I am sure the dentist will be pleased.  Actually, I do need to get Dimples in to one since she cracked a large portion of her front tooth off today.  I assume that they will need to pull the rest since there isn't much left.

I did a lot of school work today and nothing else got accomplished.  No laundry or chores got done by me.  Thankfully Sarah cooked dinner and did the dishes.  She is a true blessing to me and I don't think that I would be able to go to school if she didn't help out as much as she does.

It is after midnight here and the house is so quiet.  As much as I enjoy it I realize I must head to bed. 

Nite all.

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  1. Late night here too.

    Jessica and Sarah sound a lot alike.