Friday, October 14, 2011


I have a confession to make.  I have talked in the past about how I don't have any friends here in small-town South Carolina.  Well, now I do!  I met a woman at church who doesn't judge our crazy little family.  She hangs out with me and doesn't seem to mind my insanity.

Today I registered C in school (she starts on Monday) and needed to get to Walmart to get her school supplies.  I called my friend.  I wasn't too terrified to venture out with the girls to the big olde Walmart, but I did know that they would be a challenge.  What better way to enjoy your first venture out then to invite a friend!  If they are still your friend afterwards then they are a keeper.

Off to Walmart we went.  The kids were wild.  Touching everything, arguing with each other, asking for lots of things, and trying to run around.  Thanks to Pam we didn't lose any kids on the shopping trip.  At one point I asked the girls if they had shopped at Walmart before and they told me NO.  Well, it showed!  I wonder how lunch will be after church on Sunday. Whew....

I have come to realize that I need to organize better and childproof the house more thoroughly.  It was only a week ago that we were told we were matched.  Typically you do visits and overnights before having the kids moved.  We didn't get that.  The kids didn't either.  Organizing is going to be hard with the girls in the home.  They are nonstop energy and must be watched all the time. 

They have showed more of their defiant side today.  They have shown defiance from the first day (well, that was only yesterday, ha, seems longer).  They will tell me that they are not going to do something that I have told them to do.  I firmly and gently tell them that they will.  So far they have backed down after some incentive.  Today at Walmart I told them to put a hand on the cart because they were running off.  They said no.  I told them that they didn't have a choice.  They still said no.  I flat out told them that if they didn't then they would go out of the store and sit in the car with Sarah (having teenagers along is great).  Hands quickly went on the cart.  If they hadn't they WOULD have gone out and sat in the car with Sarah.  All day long they test me.  The older child is trying very hard to maintain control.  I can tell that she is used to being in control.  However, in my home she no longer has to be in control.  Actually, she will not allowed to be in control.  She has to learn to trust us to be in control of her and her sister.

I started my organizing today.  I started with the shoe pile.  Yikes.  I even had shoes in there from former foster kids.  When kids go home quickly those little shoes that were lost under the couch and such get left behind.  They were added to the shoe containers.  The picture doesn't do justice to the height of the pile.

The girls did need some new dress shoes.  The ones they wore yesterday need to go in the trash.  It is really hard to buy Hello Kitty for only two of three girls.......

The girls SW did call me to see how they were doing.  I missed the call.  She said she will call on Monday.  I will give her reassurance that the kid are here to stay.

Say a prayer for our first weekend.  I have a mid-term test on Monday and have no idea how I will find time to study for it.  I am just too tired to think.

(Pam is still my friend after the Walmart trip....she is a keeper.)


  1. I only just found your blog and already I'm entranced. Granted, we just sent in our Foster Parent application a few days ago... I'm going to be sucking up as much info as I can from your experience(s). No pressure or anything :) And good luck with your two new girls!

    -Megan (from big-town NC)

  2. Congrats on the shoe pile! Yesterday, DH took kids out-of-town to family birthday party while I changed dressers & closets to winter clothes. UG!

    Big hugs from Texas!