Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Issue Resolved

Well, at least for now.  I met with Larissa's teacher today.  She had been writing comments about Larissa's inattentiveness and problems staying on task for the last week.  We never had these issues before she was on the anxiety medications.  It is so frustrating that we are seeing progress with the selective mutism with the medications yet seeing the ADHD breaking through.  Solve one problem and create another one.  Her ADHD has always been obvious at home.  None of her teachers have seen it at school before this year, which always surprised me.  This is a child who can not sit down for an entire meal.  In restaurants she deals with it my going to the bathroom several times during the meal.

I explained to her teacher that we are aware that she has ADHD and she has been diagnosed with it.  However, due to her seizures and our inability to get them under control we are not able to medicate it at this time.  We discussed her nocturnal seizures and she expressed that she sometimes noticed that Larissa is tired at school and she wonders if the seizures are to blame.  They may be since she has the same bedtime every night.

Larissa's teacher told me that she would deal with her issues the old fashion way.  She will have her sit closer to her and work on redirecting her.  I feel better today about the issue since her teacher understands that we know there is an issue but we are not able to do anything about it at this time. 

I would like to get the seizure issue resolved.  She is supposed to do a sleep study.  However, we have not heard from the doctors office yet.  I think that I may need to call and see what is up with that.

More news for the a later post.

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