Wednesday, October 5, 2011


It seems like my days are all melting together.  Tasha left this morning for her final training before her deployment to overseas.  We will get to see her at the end of the month when we will travel up to North Carolina to attend her yellow ribbon ceremony.  A year seems like such a long time for her to be gone.  I don't think that I have really processed that yet.

I have been attending school this semester....although I have been so stressed about other things I have been severely neglecting my classes.  I am trying to get back into the groove but life keeps pushing me away. I have started observations for my reading class.  Last year I observed several different classrooms.  Some were great but the last one seriously depressed me.  It actually made me question if special education was for me.  Thankfully the class I am observing now is great.  The teacher is motivated and has lots of ideas.  One thing I have noticed in all the classes is that the special education classrooms don't seem to get much funding for their curriculum.  The teacher I observed today has developed her own curriculum but has put in grants for one she would like to use.  It costs $1500 and the school will not cover it.  I do need to get some groove, I have several tests coming up, projects to do and presentations to give.....ack!

On the foster front our baby may go to a relative next Friday.  She is coming down with a cold and was coughing last night so I called her SW this morning to find out who her doctor is.  I had to leave a message.  Later this afternoon I she called me back with the doctors name.  Tomorrow I will make an appointment but then I realized that if she gets any prescriptions I have no way to fill it.  Sigh, frustrations of foster care.

My newest concern is Larissa.  I knew that she had ADHD.  The child does not sit still.  Piles of everything are everywhere in my home courtesy of her activity level.  However, it didn't really show at school because of her high anxiety level.  Now that we are medicating for the anxiety her ADHD is starting to show up in little notes coming home....distracted in class, not paying attention, picking at her clothing and not able to answer questions.  Small problem, we can't medicate for the ADHD.  Her doctor refuses to medicate because of her seizures.  Her seizures are not under control and I guess the meds for ADHD affect seizures.  So how do I deal with that one?

Tomorrow I will get the kids to school, go to my classroom observation, make the baby a doctors appointment (maybe have luck and get a same day appointment), talk to her SW about how to get her prescription filled if she gets one, help a friend paint a bedroom, pick kids up from school, get Larissa to dance and feed everyone at some point.

Yep, life is in full swing here.


  1. They didn't give you a medicaid card for the baby? I guess sometimes things get forgotten in the hurry of it all.

  2. It took us a month to get our teens card. They are not too speedy around here.

    Felicia (who sure wishes she could post on her own comments section)

  3. My DH is a special Ed teacher & bought curriculum himself since there was no money in the budget. But there was money for 3 out of state conventions for the director. Politics!