Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Process

I have two girls who need therapy...heck, I could probably use some myself.  I have one very mad girl and one very scared girl.  Since I just received the girls (they are out of my county) they do not have a primary care physician yet.  My doctor will only take certain types of Medicaid and I don't know what type the girls have.  They can't see a therapist under Medicaid until they have a referral from their doctor.

So, today I called Medicaid to see if I could find out what type they have.  Sometimes the person who answers will tell me and other times they will not because I am not from DSS.  The person who answered today would not tell me.  So, I called their SW and left a message to see if she knew.  Finally, a few minutes before I walked into class she called.  Luckily they have the type of Medicaid that my doctor takes.  Tomorrow I will take in paperwork to get the girls signed up and then after 24 hours I can call to make a doctors appointment.

Whenever I can get the girls to the doctor she will make a referral for mental health.  Then I can make an appointment for mental health.  Sometimes the wait for an appointment can be long.

Obviously getting therapy is not going to be a real quick thing!  If they had Tricare Prime then I could make an appointment myself.

Gotta love the process.  Gotta learn to work with it.

A piece of good news, there was supposed to be a visitation tomorrow with biomom.  However, she was supposed to call within 24 hours of visitation to confirm that she is coming and she didn't.  Thus, no visitation tomorrow!  This is a really good thing.  The girls are so unsettled and I think that a visit at this time would be so detrimental to their mental health.  Until TPR is finalized they will have monthly visits. 

Please pray for healing and quick decisions by the judges involved.


  1. I hate the visit thing when they aren't going to reunification. Dealt with that. Thankfully, like yours, the mom never called.

  2. I bet they dont make it to any of the visitations. That was my experience with my girl anyway. I think by the time they know they are losing Parental rights they don't have the heart for visitation...