Thursday, October 20, 2011


 Three pairs of $1 jeans from Goodwill

 With the legs cut off.

 And some Tinkerbell fabric added to the top.

 Were made into dance bags today.

 Three dance bags.

Just imagine trying to find jazz, tap and ballet shoes for three kids.  Their shoes will stay in their bags and be put away until the next dance lesson.

Hopefully one day soon I will be able to share a picture of all the girls with you.

For now......

In the end only two girls made it to dance today.  We are dealing with quite a lot of defiance in our household.  One particular girl was quite a pistol today.  On more then one occasion I told her to take her dance tights off because dance was too far away and she would get them dirty.  I went to go help the girls get ready for dance and realized that this one little one had her dance clothing back on (she snuck it off the table I had put it on) and had written all over her tights with markers.  I took one look at her and told her calmly that obviously she had decided that she did not want to go to dance today.  Her screaming fit did not change my mind. 

Sure, I could have gone and dug up more tights and changed her.  However, I thought that not attending dance because she wrote all over her tights was a good natural consequence. 

Yes, the defiance does get weary but we are in for the long haul.

Going to bed, have a great night.


  1. Hold your ground. I bet she'll calm down some as she sees that you are consistent. Kaleb missed tumbling (at the dance studio) last week because he hit his teacher at school and I told him obviously he'd forgotten how to treat teachers and I wasn't going to risk him hitting his tumbling teacher (hahah she's a black belt and weight lifter!) No fit, but some silent pouting. They were never defiant, just stubborn The fits died down after a few weeks. THey'd also think it was funny to do something really naughty and run away laughing. We called things like that "orphanage behavior" and told them it wasn't acceptable here.

  2. PS PLease e-mail me step by step instructions for the bags. Jessica would like to make one.

  3. wow nothing I hate more then destructive behavior. Great naturaly consequence!