Sunday, October 2, 2011

In Case You are Wondering

The new foster baby is doing great.  I can tell she is used to sleeping with her parents.  Every night I hold her until she falls asleep and then I put her to bed.  It is working well and she sleeps through the night. 

My little one is not so little, I had to go buy her a few outfits since I sent most of my 4T and 5T clothing home with Kiwi.  I also bought her a pair of sandals because her feet wouldn't fit into the shoes they sent.  If I would have known that the weather was going to take a cold turn I would have gotten some tennis shoes!  I guess that is what I get for not paying any attention to the weather channel. Yea, she just turned two and needs size 4-5T clothing.  No, she is not extra tall, she is extra round.  I feel that she has not eaten too many fruits since she looked at the banana that we handed her like it was not edible.

She does love to go bye bye.  She will bring me her shoes when I say we are going somewhere.  She does well eating out although she is confused in how to get into the high chair so I don't know if she has eaten out much or not.

Tomorrow she is supposed to go to her great aunts house.  If she doesn't then I will have to buy some clothing and winter shoes for her.  However, I really feel that she will go home.

Thoughts about Joselin and the fall out later.

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