Sunday, October 16, 2011

Still Absorbing

I know that we are foster parents and we are used to getting new kids.  I know that we get calls all the time.  However, the call for our two kids just feels different.  It happened so fast, less then a week from first call of interest to placement.  Fast!  These are supposed to be our kids.  True, they are a legal risk placement but we are trusting that TPR will happen.  Hearts will break if it does not happen.  If we had TPR and a signed adoption agreement then I could show you pictures.  But I can't!

Larissa is pretty excited that she got two sisters.  Naturally three girls close in age also causes lots of drama!

Our house was quite full this weekend.....full of noise and toys.  I just checked on them upstairs.  Three little girls all asleep in their own beds.....a first.  I think that they have finally exhausted themselves out.  The littlest one slept in my lap through lunch at San Jose and then most of the afternoon. They have been staying up real late moving from bed to bed and then getting up at the crack of dawn.  Yep, exhausted (me and them).

The laundry pile got smaller this weekend while the put away pile got so huge it fell over.  I have only studied for one hour for my mid-term tomorrow.  My house is a physical wreck.  I am not sure what else has been neglected!

Yep, we are still absorbing the fact that when TPR happens and we complete our adoption then we will be the parents of 9 children.  What a blessing!

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  1. I take off my bowler to you! My wife and I were foster parents for two girls last year, one with some problems beyond our capabilites, the other we still have over to our house a lot. We went through some craziness with the process: court dates, social workers, finally the mother relinquished her rights.

    It was a rough ride but we all learned from it.

    We get stares sometimes too - we have a bumpersticker that says "yes, all these kids are mine">