Friday, October 7, 2011

Nothing is Simple

Today I talked to our babies SW.  The last I had been told was she would be moved to her relative next Friday.  Well now that is not going to happen.  They think there may be another relative placement option.  They need to do a homestudy for this family member.  How long will that take?  Who knows.

So I have a conflict.  We will go to the presentation for our possible adoptive placement and we don't know what to expect.  Our SW believes that they want the girls moved quickly.  That is the impression I have as well.  We can't move them in until the baby has moved to her placement.  Well, perhaps they are looking to do a more controlled move with visits first.  If that is the case we should be fine.  Then again maybe we will hear something in the presentation that would prevent us from moving forward.

It all seems to be moving forward so quickly.  Seems like you wait and wait and then they are, out of the blue.

Anyone have any good attachment books they think I should read?  Sheesh....and I thought I was neglecting my studies before.

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  1. When love is not enough by Nancy Thomas & the Connected Child by Karyn Purvis