Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Busy Day

This morning this bedroom was full of clothing, cribs and other odds and ends.  It had become a storage room.

After a frantic evening it has become a bedroom for two girls. 
The Craigslist furniture works great in the space.

We met at 1 pm and left at 3:30.  We were given a lot of information.  The girls are in an adoptive placement at this time that is not working out.  They have been there for 3 weeks.  The family has no previous experience with foster children, they are only an adoptive home. Unfortunately the girls were told that this was their forever home.  They were given lots of promises. 

Now they are moving. 

They will be here TOMORROW.

It took one week from phone call to ask if we wanted our homestudy considered to placement.  This is considered a high legal risk placement because they do not have TPR yet.  We are telling the girls at this time that we are a long term foster home.  They do not want to tell them we are an adoptive home after they were just told that 3 weeks ago. 

How can we expect these kids to heal when the system is so flawed. 

We did not hear anything at the presentation that we haven't already dealt with either with our children or other foster children we have had.  We feel that our home will be a great place for them.  We are excited.

We finally got to see a picture at the end of the presentation (which I can't share because they are our foster kids at this point).  It really didn't matter what they looked like, we had already made our decision.  I was surprised when my husband told them "yes" at the end without saying anything to me.  He knew that they met our criteria and that I would say yes.

Tonight I am really tired.  Jason and I carried that dresser up the stairs, all the kids helped with bringing everything else up the stairs.  It was a busy evening.  Tomorrow morning I have to do an observation at school for my class then I will stop at the store to buy something to fix for dinner.  I am not sure what I will fix yet but I do know that I will have two more mouths to feed.

Our foster baby was moved to another foster home today.  They are supposed to transfer both of her siblings to that home as well.  It will be good that they are all together.  She was such a great toddler and the kids will miss her.  However, I told them that she wouldn't be here for long from the very beginning.  Several family members have stepped forward so I anticipate that they will go to family soon.

Tomorrow should be very interesting.  I wonder how much stuff they will come with and how their demeanor will be.  They thought that they were in a forever home.....


  1. I'm sure a lot of anger will be directed at you for things that aren't your fault. But, we are used to that aren't we??? I'm excited for you.

  2. Excited for you, hope it goes well :)

  3. Gorgeous! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that color scheme!