Thursday, October 27, 2011

Difficult Behaviors

Ever wonder when I say we are dealing with difficult behaviors with kids what I really mean?

Today was dance day.  I got the girls dressed and there on time.  There is a class of younger kids before my girls class.  When they finish they will open the door and the class will come out as the teacher hands out suckers to each child as they give her a curtsy.  The class that goes in is supposed to wait for the previous class to exit.  Last week C would not wait even though I called her back. 

This week, upon hearing that the class was finishing up, C went up to the closed door and yelled (yes, loudly), "it is about time you finished, we are waiting" in a very rude tone.  I told her to come and sit next to me.  She stood there by the door and ignored me.  I told her that if she did not sit next to me then she would not be going to class, she would be going home with me.  She now knows me well enough to know that I meant it so she came and sat next to me.  Quietly for her ears only I told her that she was being very rude to yell that into the door and if she did it again any week then she would be going home.  I made her sit next to me until her class was ready to go in.

Will she test me?  Probably.  Would she have gone home with me if she hadn't come to sit with me?  Absolutely.  How many times a day am I tested in this way?  More then I can count.

It is exhausting.  I know that I cannot let anything slide.  I must always show that I am in charge.  I do not believe that these girls have ever had a parent that point blank told them that they are in charge.  Just the other day she was mocking me and I had her come inside.  I told her that I do not allow my children to disrespect me.  She is now my child and she will not disrespect me.  Later she did apologize to me.  But, I have no doubt that she will continue to test me.  But, like I said, it gets exhausting.

Tonight I was really tired and I know that it is from always having to be "in charge".  It really goes against my nature, I am very laid back.  BUT, I do not allow disrespect.  Not just to me but to teachers or other adults they come in contact with.  I do believe that they will learn.  Already the bedtime screams have diminished as long as I am here to put them to bed.  I also know that it will take a lot of consistency on my part to make that happen.

So, tonight I will recharge my batteries.

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  1. Hang in there. Actually, it's probably better that you're dealing with this right up front rather than the phony "you're the best mommy in the world and I never want to leave" honeymoon stuff. Because with that you never know when it will end and what you'll be up against.