Saturday, October 15, 2011


I am plain exhausted.  The summer was slow.  I signed up for a full load of classes.  Received a teenage foster child shortly after school started.  Received a 2 year old foster child shortly after that and then within a week received a placement of two foster/adopt children.  Whew, my studies are truly being neglected.  I have a mid-term test on Monday and haven't even finished the reading.

Tomorrow morning I will get the kids ready for church, attend church, go to eat at our favorite restaurant (which should be interesting), come home and do some laundry and get ready to small group study at our home in the evening while managing the kids.  At some point I may look in the kids backpacks from Friday.

The new ones want to eat every 5 minutes, can't understand why there are limits, scream and argue with everything.  It is exhausting.  We typically don't get any outside help like a family does when they have a baby.  No one brings us a meal.  We don't get offers of help.  Receiving older children is just as draining as bringing home a baby.  They have constant demands and upset the house routines.  Actually, they are quite vocal about it.  They can talk back and complain and gripe.  Our littlest one Dimples does not like going to bed, she screams every night.  Does her best to keep the others awake.  Then she is an early morning riser and makes sure that the other kids are up bright and early too.  This makes for a crabby Larissa since she is not getting her normal hours of sleep.  Crabby Larissa, demanding new kids.... make for a very tired mom.

So instead of studying tonight I am heading to bed.

Nite all


  1. Hope they settle in once they realize you aren't giving in to them. Once they are in school all day you'll have a little break.

  2. I understand the defiant chaos! It's tough to get some relief yet not disrupt the bonding time. Praying for calm for your family!