Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Tomorrow we meet with the adoption worker of the children we are matched with.  We have not been able to get any further information, they are holding all of their information close.  I had to call the girls SW today to confirm the time for tomorrow since our worker has been out with a sick kid all week.  The girls  SW didn't want to tell me anything on the phone.  It is frustrating for me because I really don't like to wait.  I wonder what they have to disclose.  I wonder if it will be stuff that we can not handle. 

In the morning I will observe a class and in the afternoon we will meet in Columbia with the adoption team.  By tomorrow night we will have reached a decision.  Really it has been quick but it feels like it is taking forever.

I find that I am scared.  Scared that the girls will be too hurt to live in our home.  The thought that kids can be so hurt by the age of 5 that they can not function in a family is really very sad.  I hope that it is not the case and that we can help them and welcome them into our family.

So, if you are curious tomorrow, don't expect an early report.  It will be a usual late night post.

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