Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yellow Ribbon Ceremony

Today we headed 3 hours north to North Carolina for our daughter Tasha's Yellow Ribbon Ceremony.  We left the two new little ones with my friend Pam.  Typically I don't like to leave kids behind but we really felt that the long ride and military tradition of hurry up and wait would not be a good bonding situation.

We did receive a nice meal courtesy of the military. 

In traditional fashion, the 2 pm ceremony was at 3 pm.  We stood around and waited for 1 1/2 hours, not too efficient.  Larissa spent part of the wait wrapped up in her coat on the ground.  At least she wasn't running around at that moment.

My soldier is in that crowd.

When we got out it was cold and windy!  What a change in the weather.

Tasha heads to Texas for her final training and will get to fly home for a few days for Thanksgiving.  She will be playing in the sand for Christmas.  I will miss her terribly.


  1. If she's going to Fort Hood, I could be her surrogate mom!!! I only have boys and would love to experience a daughter for a while! Send me a message!?!!

  2. Oh, my contact form is here:

  3. wow! so exciting and hard all at the same time. what a SPECIAL daughter you have, may God keep her safe and protected for every minute of her life.

  4. Our daughter is just like her momma, with the exeption of the "suffer no fools" attitude that I may have rubbed off her.