Thursday, October 13, 2011


I am so tired tonight, I fell asleep watching Project favorite show.  The girls got here around noon with boxes and boxes of clothing and plastic toys.  Strange, they have lots of clothing but hardly any shoes.  The shoes they were wearing had holes in the toe area.

They are very bright kids.  The older one C is quite angry.  She has a very defiant streak and is quite vocal about many things.  The younger one A is more reserved and still trying to figure us out.  In true foster care fashion they are already calling us mom and dad.  However, I know that it doesn't mean the same to them as it does for my other kids.  They also call Larissa their sister.

The three girls got along great today.  They played, changed clothing, played, changed clothing, played.....oh, and changed clothing again.  Yep, my house looks like a hurricane hit it today.  I am too tired to care....we survived.

Larissa had dance today so I decided to take the girls to see if they would be able to do it.  C really wanted to do dance but was quite upset that she didn't have the correct attire.  We got her some tights and leotards  but didn't have shoes for her.  She put on Larissa's shoes and I told her to take them off.  She was not too happy with me but did comply.  We went to the shoe box and found Larissa's tap shoes from last year.  They were a little too big and missing the laces but she was delighted.  At the dance studio I asked if they had any laces and they dug some up.  As I was tying them on her I told C that if she liked the dance class and wanted to do it that we would buy her some shoes.  Well, she loved the dance class so I must keep my first promise to her and get her some shoes.

I also had an opportunity to comfort A.  She got stepped on at the dance studio (her barefoot and C's tap shoes).  I was standing right next to her when it happened and before she was able to get too worked up I grabbed her up and hugged her.  She wrapped her arms around me and cried.  She tried to work herself up by saying that her sister did it on purpose.  I told her that I saw it and it was an accident (true).  She soothed very quickly and went off to class.  Natural opportunities like that add up over time.

Tomorrow I will take the paperwork up to school and see if I have everything to enroll C in class, 1st grade.  I also need to look at having A tested for speech, she has some problems with pronunciation.

We survived the first day.  They are very active and loud.  You can hear them hollering outside the house.  Thankfully, we have big lots here!

Any questions?


  1. Wow- Excited and exhausted for you at the same time! My question is: Do you have any estimation how long (months-wise) it could take for TPR & adoption? I think that's very wise of you to tell them you're a long-term foster home versus an adoptive home considering what they've just been through.

  2. I have tears just thinking about how big all this is. You have such an amazing heart and such wisdom. Prayers for you..and your family during this time transition. Let us know how your teen is doing with this if you can share. She sounds like a special kid...prayers she sees this as a good thing and it's healing for her to help them transition in also. Blessings, Jennifer