Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am not......

See this tomato? It is unclear because my camera has a hard time taking pictures of small items.

It is not supposed to be a cherry tomato. It is also the first tomato that we got off of our tomato plant. Obviously I am not a gardener. If we did not have grocery stores or farmers markets then we would starve.

I did laundry today. Maybe I should say that I redid laundry today. Do you ever do that? Go to the laundry room and realize that you left clothing in both machines.....for quite a while. So, I rerun the dryer because I don't iron, I pull hot items out of the dryer and either fold them or hang them up. Whatever wrinkles are left will stay. I also have to restart the washing machine because the wet clothing in there was a little stinky. Obviously I am not a great laundress. Even my husband says I sort my clothing wrong.

No pictures, but my house is trashed again. I see shoes, clothing, backpacks, junk mail, books, toys, cluttered counters, to name a few. Obviously I am NOT a maid.

I forgot Anthony's ADHD meds. It is not a good thing to forget his meds. I got a call from his teacher. When Anthony doesn't get his ADHD meds he loses control. He becomes mean. He become defiant and hostile. Those tiny little ADHD meds sure help him a lot. I didn't know that loss of control could be an ADHD thing. I always thought it would be more problems with staying still, paying attention and staying quiet. Who knew? I try not to forget his meds, truly I do because I like his teacher. But, I am not perfect. Sometimes I forget things, important things.

I am not a lot of things. I often fall short. But, to my kids, my husband and God it is OK. They love me anyways, just the way I am.


  1. Jasmine wears the daytrana patch for her ADHD. She had a lot of trouble when the pills would start wearing off. She'd become very emotional.

  2. thank you -
    I find reading your blog humbling and grounding
    i get caught up - in stupid things - and let the things I am 'not' get to me - I appreciate your blog and your family and your real-ness. Thank you.