Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I have been very concerned about our kitten Gabby. She had an infection on the right side and then I noticed that she was getting a bulge on the right side.

The right side is totally healed.
The left side got lanced today. We now have a different antibiotic to give her.

I don't understand why she keeps getting these infections. We have contained her in a part of the house where she doesn't have any contact with any other household pets. I am concerned that maybe she has some type of problem with her immune system.

Today they did an AIDS/leukemia test. I know that the vet was even concerned because of the continued infection problems. Thankfully, the test came back negative.

Hopefully, the new antibiotics will clear up her issues. Geez, I spend more money on vet bills then I do for the kids medical care.

Speaking of medical bills, if anyone is interested, the bill for Joselin's CT scan she had a few weeks ago came up to $4903. I am very thankful for health insurance!

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