Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2 Under 2

I got a call today at noon. Would we take two girls, an 8 month old and a 2 year old. I said yes. I asked a few questions and about sizes. I was told that they would bring them at 4pm.

Larissa got off her bus at 12:30 and we went to Walmart to shop. I needed two car seats, playpen, toys, clothing, etc. Before our last move I had everything for two babies. During our move we got rid of all of it.

I have been acquiring some items at garage sales but haven't gone crazy with it since I had no idea what age we would get. I didn't expect two under two.

Larissa helped me shop. We got a few garage sale items out of storage.

I had to buy Larissa a pink booster seat, hers was a boring grey...oh and McDonalds since we missed lunch. (Spoiled remember)

So welcome child A, 20 months old.

And baby B, 6 months old.

They came with the clothing on their backs, two bottles, a sippy cup and two diapers. Another foster family offered up a can of formula when they dropped two older siblings at their home. There are 4 kids all together, no foster family here has enough openings to take that many. We have two openings, that is all we can legally take.

Dinner was KFC. Macaroni and cheese with mashed potatoes and gravy, what young child could resist. Larissa gave up her seat and moved to the big kid side of the table, she was so proud.

I really need a double stroller and a high chair. I guess I will watch Craigslist for awhile. They go to court on Friday to see if they stay in care. The plan is that they will, but I know how things could change. They could leave on Friday. If they do, then we are ready for the next ones.
For those of you who think that folks do foster care for money, I will say that in South Carolina I can't imagine that they would be clearing much. We make $332/month/kid. All the items I purchased today were out of my pocket. We do foster care for the kids, because we know that in our home they are safe.
It has been a long day, should I clean up?
I think I will go study instead. More tomorrow.....


  1. How exciting! You could go broke making money like that! Less than $1/hour! Have fun bonding with the newest members of your family.

  2. I don't know how to easily (or reasonbly priced) get it to you or I would send you our double stroller. I used it when I babysat and now it's sitting empty in our storage room . :) How much do you think it cost to ship from Indiana to South Carolina?! ;)


  3. Don't start me on foster care! We fostered in GA, moved over the line to FL and viola--have too many children for FL--5 under 18 is the limit!!! That's why we ended up adopting twins from Haiti. When we started the adoption it was 4 years until we would have been eligible. We will be eligible next summer but I don't know if I have the heart for it anymore. FL is not a foster friendly state.

  4. Andrea....thanks for the thought!

    Kathy, I have heard horror stories about foster care in FL. Seems like they lost a girl in the system there a few years ago too.

  5. I remember that too. But dont' take it out on good families who have room to care for a child. I get really upset when I hear them begging for homes and we have one.

  6. SO SO SO exciting!! i want another!!!

  7. Felicia, I'm obviously TERRIBLY BEHIND reading your blog- two under two- bless your heart!