Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a nice day. I took a nap! Larissa did as well. Shortly after this Joselin fell asleep as well. We are all enjoying a quiet afternoon. The rest of the week is filled with appointments and activities so we enjoy our down time when we can. I took the kids to a martial arts place this evening. They were there to try it out.

I think it would be very beneficial for both of them if they learned their left from their right!
Anthony did real well listening to directions and trying to follow them. They were both very distracted by the other groups who were practicing. It was all new to them.

About half way through the practice Larissa had a break down. She just about broke into tears and came and huddled in my lap for about 5 minutes. I asked her if she wanted to try again and she did. She slowly creeped out to try again. I was happy to see her try.
The instructor working with her and Anthony didn't say anything mean to her or even raise her voice. She just asked her questions that Larissa couldn't answer. It is so hard to see how selective mutism impacts her in these types of situations. I hope that Larissa can come often enough where she can reach a good comfort level.
I mainly went to get Anthony involved. His personality makes team sports difficult for him. I also wanted him to have to follow directions from someone else. Defiance is a big problem with him. I will be interested to see how he is after he has a higher comfort level.
In the end they both decided they wanted to come back. Larissa got her size 00 outfit but they have Anthony's size on order. He should be suited up next week.
Doesn't she look so proud? (I know, the belt is tied wrong)

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