Saturday, August 21, 2010

Busy Saturday

When I say my house is a mess, I really do mean it is a mess! This morning I woke up feeling fine and then I walked into my kitchen, yikes. It seems like every flat surface in our home accumulates stuff. My objective today was to tackle the kitchen.
I can honestly tell you that I will never buy one of those flat top cooking surfaces again. That thing never seems to clean up well and has developed little scratches for the grime to live in.
I would also like to know why they have these self cleaning ovens that spew nasty smoke into the house. It seems like all the smoke does is set off my smoke detector and coat everything in the house with a nasty smell that is hard to get rid of. We opened all the windows, turned on fans and sent the kids outside with the dog. Still after 30 minutes we had to turn it off, it was just too nasty and my eyes were stinging. After yesterdays fire extinguisher incident I about asphyxiated myself today with a self cleaning oven. Tonight the house still stinks and my oven never got cleaned.
Lately I have really been thinking of hiring a cleaning person (or crew) to help me keep the bathrooms and such clean. I worry that if/when I add foster kids then I will be overwhelmed. I have had a hard time finding anyone. In one ad I read the person stated that they didn't do bathrooms! Uhh, that is the main area I want done. Seems like they need to think about their career options. My sister in law has been looking for a part time job so she wants to do it. I am going to do that, she knows what slobs we are. So, hopefully it will be mutually beneficial.
Besides getting the kitchen cleaned, we made it to the farmers market for some fruit. It is really a tiny farmers market but they have some great peaches. Larissa fell there with her cookie and cried and cried. She fell in the grass and wasn't hurt and got a new cookie but she was just so hard to console. When she was younger she would run from us when she got hurt. She didn't want held. I really don't know what to do about the overreaction to any hurts. With her past attachment issues you can't just tell her she will be OK. You have to pick her up and hold her tight while she cries terribly. She seems to have such a deep pain that hurts me so. After being carried around, getting a new cookie (OK, two) and a straw of flavored honey she perked up and was back to her happy self.
We also drove downtown so I could buy the rest of my school books. I have spent a total of $400 on books for three classes. I could only find one of them used. The class I have on Monday had two other books that he had marked as optional. I haven't purchased them yet, I am waiting to go to class on Monday and see why they are optional.
Then we took the kids to watch Nanny McPhee. The kids really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it too. No swearing, killing and such. Sarah says that they are too predictable and I agreed, but sometimes I want a predictable happy ending. I wish that more things in life had such a predictable, happy ending.
Well, tomorrow we are off to church so I need to get off this computer. I need to do some reading tomorrow too. Getting into a schedule of doing my homework is going to be a challenge. Oh, I need to do Larissa's hair too.


  1. JEssica went into shock at the cost of her college books. An eye opener. ANd she bought one used from someone who told her it was the right one and it wasn't so she's out $50 plus has to get that $130 book still! Lesson learned there. When we took Jasmine to summer dance, Jessica mentioned to a young mom that she was going to the same college and listed her classes. The lady had a book she needed and gave it to her!

    We have a flat, glass stove top. It's okay but expensive to replace if it cracks.

    My kitchen looks like that a lot. I call everyone out, make them start at the washer and dryer, walk through the house and pick up every thing that's theirs! ANd also help with stuff that belongs to "no one."

    Adam cleans our bathrooms. At the beginning of the school year the kids choose: dusting/clean fridge (a once a week more involved job) or a daily job of vacuum, trash or bathrooms. Best behavior chooses first. Adam always ends up with bathroom. Not sure I'd do this with little ones but it works with the teens. They each choose a supper job too- wash, dry, set table (Jasmine) or sweep and mop.

    The older ones who work have the option to pay a younger child to do their job if it's agreeable to everyone.

    Oops. I wrote a whole post in your comment section!!!

  2. Books are so expensive. Sounds like Jessica learned an expensive lesson. folks are always trying to unload their out of date books.

    I really do miss having two teenagers arond to help. Sarah is in charge of the kids on Thursday when I have class, she has to help with homework and cook dinner for the two little ones. Thankfully, it is only one night a week.

    My SIL is having financial difficulties right now (along with a lot of other Americans) so we are helping each other by swaping cleaning for cash. LOL, at least my toilets are clean. never seems to stay away.