Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's been a Long Day

Busy day for me, dropped my kids off at school, headed to the drill hall, got off work in time to head to class, got home and helped Sarah with algebra. Have I ever mentioned that I really don't like algebra? I don't think that I have ever used it in my daily life but I sure have done enough of it helping kids and John with homework.

My babysitter Jason was waiting and waiting for Larissa to get home after school. He got concerned that maybe he didn't get there in time and missed her bus. It had been coming between 11:30 and noon. Finally, her bus showed up at 1 pm. I am not happy with that. They told Jason that that would be her normal drop off time from now on since they got a new student. Add one student and you add over an hour to her drop off time? More then 2 hours on the bus for a 3 hour class is not working for me. Tomorrow will be her last day on the bus.

So, my new schedule will be drop kids off, be home around 8, leave at 10:30 to pick Larissa up and go home. Anthony gets home around 3 and Sarah 3:30. Two days of the week I have to leave as soon as Sarah walks in the door to get to class on time. One day Larissa will have dance and then they have martial arts. I really don't like this schedule because it makes getting into town to run errands difficult because of the way my day is broken up. Oh well, I really have no choice but to deal with it.

Class was interesting and I do believe I am going to enjoy it (well, to a certain extent). I have a lot of reading to do, papers to do, mentoring to do, tests, quizzes, and a 60 minute presentation to give. The presentation worries me the most, how can you talk about something for that long? I haven't made it to my third class yet so I don't know what those requirements will be. I hope that I do OK with three classes. I have been wondering if I should have taken just two! I have already decided that I will take three years to finish. John suggested that I take longer, LOL. He doesn't like to write and he sees all these papers I have to do.

Yes, I was the oldest person in the quite a bit. Some of those kids are soooo young. At least a few are a little closer to me in age. I hope that I don't get senile before I finish, it would be nice to be able to actually use my education.

I got the algebra problems correct that I/we did yesterday, I hope that the ones done today are correct as well. Hard to tell because I am so tired today. I am not even going to attempt to read tonight. I am going to try to go to bed early tonight, at least by 11 pm. I am a night person so going to sleep before midnight is hard for me.

Goodnight all.

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