Monday, August 23, 2010

Feeling Overwhelmed at the Moment

As of today I have attended each of my three classes. The two books that appeared optional at the bookstore are not so I got to go spend another $100 on books. That gives me a total of $500 on books for 3 classes. I don't remember books being that expensive years ago.

It is hard to believe that I graduated high school in 1981. Then I attended numerous colleges before finally earning my bachelors degree in 1999. Moving all the time with the military makes it hard to complete the hours necessary unless you go with one of the colleges affiliated with the military. The main problem with that is that the degree types are limited. I got a degree to finish, not necessarily in something I wanted. This time around I am getting a degree in something I want.

Today I felt odd, I was the only student not working outside the home. There were only two of us not working in the educational field. I guess I need to get used to that idea.

Since I am not working then why do I feel so overwhelmed and tired at this point? I haven't done very much reading because once I start it about puts me to sleep. Ha, I guess I should be in bed instead of on this computer right now. I am a night time person and am finding it hard to go to bed earlier.

I have numerous books to read, online articles to read, need to mentor a child, observe a child with autism for 5 hours, do at least three projects, write several papers (I am not even sure how many at this time), and two presentations to give. I think that one that is an hour long is my biggest concern. How do I talk about something for an hour?

Well, I need to stop whining since I signed up for this torture, uh educational experience.

Tomorrow morning John will head back to Augusta and I will take Larissa to her follow up neurologist appointment. Wednesday I have a doctors appointment. Thursday the pets have a vet appointment. One day I need to fit in some Martial Arts. Thursday is class. Studying will fit in somewhere since I do have a quiz due next Monday. It looks to be a full week.

Guess I'd better head to bed, 6 am comes way too early for me.


  1. I graduated in 1980. I have my MEd but also moved with the military and haven't taught since my 20-yr-old (aspergers syndrome by the way) was born. I write because I can do it from home and teaching has changed too much for me. Here, it's all abou the FCAT.

  2. Yea, seems like so many states have gone to teaching whatever testing they do. It is sad because that isn't real life.

    I guess I am doing things backwards by teaching later in life. Special Education is a real draw for me. I think that next semester I will only take two classes. I was thinking of doing this fast but have changed and will do the slow track. I don't want to start work until Larissa is at least 8.

    It is great that you have the ability to write and work from home. The most I do is peck on my blog here.