Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mission Completed

Early this morning I was at my desk reading blogs and I hear Larissa upstairs climb out of bed. I hear her come down the stairs. She walks into the room still half asleep and says, "ballet shoes!" That child is persistent.
So we head to town. A friend suggested Payless so that was where we went.
Of course, she also found some Hannah Montana sandals in the clearance section. She didn't take them off. The sales associate was nice and cut off her tags.

And Anthony found some shoes he had to have. (I do wonder what size pants he put on today.) He didn't take his shoes off either. I was surprised because his feet had grown by 1 1/2 sizes. Makes me wonder if his other shoes fit him!

Then we sat and played with the camera....Joselin was looking at shoes. She is not a quick shoe shopper.

She is also short, 4' 8 1/2" so she was looking for some heels. I think I would break my neck in those, at the very least sprain an ankle.

Sarah didn't even look, she is totally a Vans girl.
Kids are happy and so am I, 5 pairs of shoes for right around $100.
Next, lunch.
It is nice of Moe's to have a Wednesday special. We got 20% off of our meal.
We ate well.

Naturally, as soon as we got home Larissa had to try on her new shoes.

We are heading to church tonight and then I have to come home and look for my uniform. I have drill Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Joselin and Sarah are going to Carowinds tomorrow so Jason is coming over to babysit.
Boy, I sure hope my uniform still fits!

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  1. awe your kids are just beautiful!
    My daughter Mya who will be turning 5 sunday has those hannah montana sandles and she loves them too! she wants to wear them all the time :)
    I think our girls think alike