Monday, August 30, 2010


It has been a long day. I am tired. I can't decide if I want some chocolate or to just head to bed.

I took Lucy, Gabby and Maxie to the vet today (two different appointments, yep two trips).

Lucy is doing great, up to 34 lbs and got the last of her vaccines. Gabby's infection is about cleared up and she got her first vaccines. Maxie is a big one lb and has hookworms. Other then that he is in good health and his teeth are aligned (I don't know, guess it is a problem with Chi's). He got his first shot. I go back in three weeks with Gabby and Maxie. Geez, it sure costs a lot to take care of pets!

The vet took up all of my morning and I really didn't get any reading done. I did go online and review the notes for class. After class today I went to the library. Wow, they sure have changed from the time I was a student. I have until tomorrow to decide on my big project topic. I just can't decide. I'm too tired to care tonight so I will do some research tomorrow. I know what I would like to do it on but I have to have 8 periodical journal references and that is giving me problems. I guess the things that interest me don't interest others.

Jason did come and pick up Larissa and take her to dance class. I really don't like relying on my 21 year old son to take her to dance, I would like to have been there. I would have even gotten pictures! Larissa found her dance bag and was carrying it around after she got home from school. She was very pleased with it. Happy kid makes a happy mom.

Geez, 10 pm and I am ready to go to bed. That is so unlike me, I normally don't head that way until about midnight. But, I think I will head that way and grab some chocolate on the way.

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  1. I do better work at night too but since 5 a.m. comes way too early I try to be in bed not long after 11.