Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bullying Update

I am happy to report that Sarah is happy!

It is not just because she is sitting there with her Hello Kitty blanket, laptop, phone and TV remote all within reach.

Sarah is happy that she decided to go back to school this year. She has not had any problems with bullying. She did have one incident where a girl told a boy that Sarah liked him, but it wasn't a bullying incident, just embarrassing.

I think it helps that she is gone half the day to ATEC. This semester she has drama, algebra 2 and ATEC (commercial art). None of the girls who bullied her before are in her classes. Also, ATEC has their own lunch so she doesn't see them at all.

I hope that next semester goes as smoothly. She will have English, history, science and yearbook. Sarah says that it seems like the kids have grown up a little over the summer. They don't disrupt the teacher as much and seem more interested in doing their work.

So, as you fellow moms of teenagers know, if the teenager is happy then the entire household is happy.

I'm off to study.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams everyone.

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