Thursday, August 12, 2010

Busy Day

We got a lot accomplished today. I started the morning at Sarah's school signing her transitional IEP. When you move to a new state with an IEP the new state must accept it for 30 days. They then have 30 days to determine if you meet their criteria for a new IEP. I will be back at her school in a month do attend a regular IEP meeting. I will also have to do one for Anthony and Larissa. Not sure about Joselin yet.

We discussed Joselin's situation today. We have an appointment to meet with vocational rehab on the 23rd to see if there is anything that they can offer her. Then we will meet with the school to determine what the best course of action is.

After I got home from that I decided that the sun room needed a thorough cleaning. This meant moving furniture and everything. I guess it was a good decision because when I moved the shoe box I got a surprise.

I guess that Pooky Bear lost one of her catches.....yuck!

We finished cleaning just in time to go to "meet the teacher" night. It just shouldn't be this painful for a child to meet a new teacher, but it is Larissa's reality.

It hurts me to see her struggle so much in these types of situations. I forget how bad it can be during the summer because she is so outgoing with the family. I could rescue her and homeschool her but I think that would cause more damage in the long run. At some point she is going to have to learn to function out there in the world. I can't protect her from it forever.

When she got to her classroom she never said a word but she did go and play in some of the centers. She told me later that her teacher and helpers are nice and she liked the centers. She will do fine once she gets accustomed to everything.

After we meet Anthony and Larissa's teachers (at different schools with the same time slotted) I decided to go shoe shopping for Sarah. She has to get her Vans before school starts on Monday. We had a successful trip, she found two pairs of shoes she likes.

During our cleaning job earlier I filled a bag with Larissa's shoes that were either too small or ready for retirement.

This allowed her to get her shoes that she wanted. Shiny, colorful and they light up. I know she can't be the only little girl out there with a pair of these fancy shoes.

Yes, I spoil her so.
Tomorrow is the last weekday before school starts. I have some fun planned if the weather cooperates.


  1. One of the kids I work with has the same shoes! They are so cute!! :)

  2. Awe she is so super cute and you have every right to spoil her :) My daughter is getting similar shoes tomorrow at her birthday party, she loves sparkly things :)