Friday, August 13, 2010

Palmetto Falls

Oh, Anthony got new shoes too, naturally! My favorite type, no tying shoe laces.

We went to Fort Jackson today and played at Palmetto Falls. Us lower ranking folks get in for $2.50/person. Great, cheap fun.

How many brothers does it take to get Larissa out of the water?

Anthony with his head under the water trying to swim. This is exciting to me because last year he refused to go in the water without a floatation device on.

I think that the small slide was a little intimidating for Larissa. She got the hang of it pretty quickly.

Anyone who wears glasses understand her walk around blind or with spotted glasses.

A rare picture....Jason. He came to help me watch the weak swimmers since Joselin didn't want to go.

I think that next summer I will try to go more often. The kids really enjoyed themselves and it really didn't cost much. I just get too lazy.


  1. That looks like so much fun!!

    I love water days. My husband and I are going to a waterpark next Thursday for his birthday.

  2. For the glasses dilemma: I just use 1-day contact lenses. Buy 100 pairs or so and enjoy swimming all year round. No need to care for the lenses, I just throw them away after getting out of the beach or pool as my eyes start getting irritated. But still it's much better then blind-walking or having wet glasses. Good luck!

  3. I wonder if Sarah would try the one day ones. She tried contacts before and didn't like them. How do the one day ones feel compared to the one month ones?