Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Lazy Sewing Project

I decided that I wanted to make Larissa a bag for her dance shoes. Yea, classes start tomorrow and I just came up with this bright idea.

I am the extreme lazy sewer. I don't like to measure, iron or even pin (because you have to take them out). However, I do like that you can create a unique item.

I went to WalMart for some fabric and there wasn't anyone around to cut fabric so I grabbed a package of colorful fabric. I imagine it is for quilters. I cut four pieces the same size, no measuring or even checking for squareness. I then cut out a notch in one corner and used the fabric to cut one in the other corner. This will make the bottom and sides. I guesstimated what size I wanted.
I sewed the sides and the bottom together. Two pieces for the lining and two for the outside.

For that notch I lined it up and sewed it together. This gave me a block corner.

I did the liner and outside. Looked fine to me so I continued.

I made a simple handle then pinned it all together inside out. I sometimes get confused here trying to think backwards. I also use pins for this part so I don't sew the wrong part of the handle into my seam.

I left a small part unsewn so I could turn it inside out, or is it rightsides out. This is always my mystery step. Did I get the right sides together and the handle the right direction or even sew some random fabric into my seam.

All was good so I top stitched along the top part to close up my hole.

Notice I have beige thread. I will probably use that thread until it runs out. I don't like to change thread out unless really necessary.

I then cut some strips to put rope in for closing the bag. This picture is bad but it shows how I put the rope in and pin with a lot of pins. I don't like to have to thread it later. I use two even lengths of rope and have them wrap around both sides. This gives a loop that can be pulled easily and tightly very quickly.

For the bottom I cut a piece of cardboard off of a notebook and covered it with fabric. It can be removed when the bag needs washing.

Dance shoes, ready to go.

So, what do you think? I hope that Larissa likes it. One day I hope to have an embroidery machine so I can put names on items. Seems like such fun.

Project time, 1 1/2 hour. It could have been longer if I had gotten a surprise when I turned it inside out.

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