Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I did it, I got Larissa enrolled in school today! She has meet the teacher night next Thursday 5:30 to 6:30. Oh, Anthony also has his meet the teacher night next Thursday, same time, different school. That should be interesting. Now I get to figure out transportation. With two little ones in two different schools driving them myself is just not possible. The schools are not close together at all.
I also enrolled Larissa in dance classes. Naturally the only nights that they had beginning classes were on Monday and Thursday evenings. Uh, guess who is signed up for classes those evenings? I picked Monday since John has many of those days off. This will be the first time I will not be there to take a kid to classes, it feels odd to me. Actually, makes me kind of sad.
She is going to take ballet and tap and she is so excited. We were able to find her the leotard and tights locally but not the shoes. She pouted for quite a while because I wasn't willing to head into Columbia tonight to buy the shoes. However, she was willing to try out her new clothes.
(Dad, she says that this spin is for you)

Overall a good day today. I guess that tomorrow I will be heading into Columbia to buy some ballet and tap shoes. I can already hear the tap, tapping that will be going on around here.