Saturday, September 25, 2010

Unfinished Project

I was supposed to turn this into a playhouse earlier this summer.
However, as the temperatures hit the 100's I couldn't find the energy to get out there and work on it.

Heck, even the kids weren't interested in playing outside unless water was involved.

I envision a porch on this side.

That window will become a door and the huge door opening will become a window.

I have the plans in my brain. It drives my poor husband crazy. As a matter of fact as I was standing there looking at my project this evening I came up with a little extra I want to add so I need a little more wood.
The days have only been in the 90's, pretty cool so I need to get going before I complain it is too cold.
Hey, at least it is a start.


  1. Wow. Good luck with that. That's Jessica's kind of project (while I stand by taking pictures).

  2. This will be a work in progress. I wounder what my intelligent and artistic wife comes up with all these crazy idea. This will look ok after we figure out which way goes next. This exercise in futility will take a couple of cool weekends, which I am still waiting on. Until then, our plans will remain in the garage.