Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yesterday these children were brought into my home and placed in my care.

Today the SW did not get back with me with any clothing so I went out and bought a few more things. She says that there is clothing that is going to come. I have no idea if it is in good shape, fits, or appropriate for the current season.

I also asked her several questions and she promised to get back with me today, she hasn't yet.

Are they on WIC? I only have one can of formula.

Who is their doctor? Would be nice to know. She did say that their immunizations are up to date.

Any known allergies or health concerns? Would be real nice to know that.

Medicaid card? Another would be nice to have.
Basically, all I know is that their shots are up to date. I took them with me today to Larissa's doctor appointment. I asked them to weigh the baby because she seems so big. At 6 months she weighs 21 lbs. Kiwi has some little welts, look like bites of some type. They seem to be in good health to me. They do not give the kids any type of physical before they bring them to you. Thankfully, no lice.
We made it out twice today in the car. I need to get used to the logistics of all those car/booster seats. By time I get used to it, the kids will go home! Seems like every time a child goes home I am left with the feeling that I forgot something every time I leave the house.
The baby has already learned my voice. Every time she hears me talking she will turn her head to look at me and give me a grin. Kiwi decided today that she was ready to chill on my lap and so she did just that. She is at the stage right now where she will cry whenever I leave the room.
Typical fostering day...........Today was my school day so I spent the day with the kids, Sarah got home at 3:30 and took over so I could go to class, John was coming home tonight for a long weekend and got home an hour later. Sarah finished dinner that I had started after John got home. Everyone sits down to eat......the doorbell rings. Surprise, the GAL has come to see the kids. We didn't know that they had a GAL yet. We weren't informed that she would come by. She comes by at dinner time after a day of having kids run around the house. Thankfully, I did pick up the living room before I left. But, geez, welcome to foster care.
You actually give up a lot when you chose to foster. Privacy, there is none. I know some people who have quit because they did not like all the invasion into their lives. I know that it just comes with the territory. I do like to have a heads up before anyone comes to my house though. How do we know that this lady is their GAL? The GAL did tell John that the court date has been moved to Tuesday, typical.
I know that I seem to be complaining, but it is what it is. The unknown and lack of information is common. I must say, I do like the SWers here. I have not had an issue with any of them and appreciate all the work they do. It seems like every year they get their budgets cut and do more with less employees.
Well, enough of the ranting, I am going to check on sleeping babies and then start packing. Tomorrow we are heading to Myrtle Beach. DSS has given us permission to take the babies with us so they get to go play in the sand. We have planned this for a while, long before Hurricane Earl. Thankfully, that has passed.

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  1. this just boggles my mind - babies with know medical history not even allergies? and un announced GAL? what/who is GAL?
    I hope ya'll have a nice time at the beach and I hope Earl didn't bother you.