Monday, September 27, 2010

Let it Rain

We had 5 weeks of dry, hot weather. No rain at all. I can tell you why....our irrigation system went out 5 weeks ago. I didn't deal with it then because we have no idea where the valves are for the zones. Oh, we know where 2 of the 6 are located, naturally those are working fine.
After realizing that the grass and azaleas were dying I broke down and called someone. That's right, on Saturday, just in time for the rain to come. Five of the six zones are fixed (small electrical problem), my pocketbook is thinner and the rain has come. Your welcome.

Even all our little critters are happy about it. We have a bunch of these fellows around our house in spite of the fact that my cat enjoys catching them.

The weeping mulberries look like they are about ready to walk off and are starting to show that fall really is here. I really should trim them.

Does anyone have a clue as to what this is? All of a sudden they are growing all over the place. I am sure that the birds are bringing them in. I just am not sure if it is a good, neutral or bad thing. The berries are a pretty purple.

These are Mexican Petunias. I saw them at the Columbia Zoo and liked them enough to plant a few several years ago. They have really spread and seem to do well even when the rain stops. They do wilt after about 5 weeks but spring right back up when the rain returns.

I have no clue! Do you ever see things around your house and just is a very dirty sock.

Proof that fall is here.

A project that hasn't even made it to my project list yet. The pump needs replacing. That is my job.

Another project that needs to go on John's list. Looks like the power washer needs to come out.

Every time I walk around the yard I see lots of projects. But, I also see lots of beautiful, hardy plants. You have to be pretty hardy to survive in my yard. The strong survive because I just don't have time for too much yard work. I do enjoy doing yard work.....when it is not 100 degrees outside.
Today has been a good day. I attended Anthony's IEP meeting and I think that we are all on the same page. He has the services he needs and his new meds seem to be helping. Last week was a much better week then the week before.
I also called our adoption coordinator at DSS. We have decided to adopt from the foster system again. We decided not to go international for a few reasons. A big one being the expense. We have no interest in fundraising and asking for money and we don't have $25,000 plus sitting around to complete one right now. When we adopted Joselin we paid for it and didn't do any fundraising. A second reason is the requirement to spend weeks overseas. We have no one who could take our kids. When we went to Guatemala there was only a three day requirement and we all went. So, the kids would have to go with us, adding to the expense. A third reason is the support. When you adopt from the foster care system you do get a level of support. There are medical funds that can be used if needed. The children receive Medicaid (that really doesn't matter too much for us since we have Tricare). Also, you may get just a little more background information, at the very least you will know their true age.
So, I called this morning and apparently it was expected. She knew who I was and was expecting a call from me. The paperwork will be coming in the mail soon. Thankfully we don't have to start from scratch since we just did a homestudy for foster care.
Every state is different. Here you can just get a foster license and if you chose to adopt a child in your home who has TPR then they come out and do an adoption homestudy at no cost to you. Just a little more information is involved and we had to take an adoption class when we adopted Anthony and Larissa. You can go another route and do the adoption homestudy first and then foster. We will foster until an adoption opportunity comes along, but will stop after that.
We will do the paperwork and then wait...................
Well, I'm off to pick kids up from school and then head to class myself. Have a great day.

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