Monday, September 6, 2010

Great Weekend

On Friday I went to see my SW (social worker) to get my picture taken and she seemed shocked that we were still going to the beach. I told her that we had promised the kids we were going and to cancel because of a few extra kids would not be fair. So we packed the SUV and David and Tasha's pick up truck. It is truly amazing how much stuff you need for two babies!
The weather was great and the condo was nice, three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a view of the ocean. There were enough adults there that John and I were able to get out in the morning and the evenings for a little together time.

I think that I enjoy the early morning time the best, the scene is all set for a day of fun but it is so quiet and calm.
The place we stayed at had a kiddie pool, regular pool, lazy river, basketball pool and hot tub.

Kiwi wasn't so sure about going into the water on the first day.
John tried to coax her in........

Anthony and Larissa were all into the water this year. They loved playing in the waves.

However, when the waves got too big Larissa headed for the photographer (her rock).

The kids enjoyed playing with David.........

and Tasha.

I may still find some sand in those chubby thighs.

When seeing the babies it makes me realize how big my little ones have gotten!

Sarah and Aunt Cindy took off together for many adventures. My battery in my camera died and I didn't get any pictures of them! I sorely wanted one of them together after they went boogie boarding, they looked like drowned rats. Oh well, maybe it is for the best.
On Sunday Kiwi decided that she did like the pool.......while riding on my hip. She wrapped one arm around my arm and was content. She was so happy that I spent too long in the pool and now am wondering why the seams on my shirt seem to be digging into my red shoulders.
We had a great weekend and don't even have much laundry thanks to the washer and dryer in our condo. Tomorrow the kids are back to school and our crazy life gears up again.


  1. Wow. That looks great. Where did you go?

    Twice I took babies less than a week old to an amusement park because I wasn't going to back out on the others because of a new foster baby.

  2. We went to Myrtle Beach. We try to go once a year, that is all the sand I can take!