Sunday, September 19, 2010

Full House

We had a full house this weekend. Sarah had a friend spent the night on Friday so we grabbed a twin mattress of a spare bed and plopped it on the floor. Last night she had two friends spend the night so we grabbed another twin mattress off another extra bed and plopped that on the floor as well.

Any bets on how long those mattresses will stay on the floor?

They are from beds we have set up for foster kids. Naturally they sent us two little ones who need cribs. I had one crib already set up and just this last week I went ahead and bought another one. Now that I have two cribs I wonder if I will ever use both of them once these kids leave.

I was actually happy that we had to put those mattresses on the floor. I can't remember the last time Sarah had someone spend the night. Last night we dropped them off at the local movie theater. It was nice to have that feeling of normal for her.

This year she is having a good year after all the issues with bullying. Sad to say, there is mainly one thing different, Joselin isn't here. It keeps nagging on me that she was sabotaging Sarah in some way. Well, whatever the reason, I was happy to have a full house this weekend.

We also hit up the Greek Festival in Columbia this weekend. Big mistake. Not because of the kids but because of the crowds. There are no pictures because there is not much excitement in looking at the back of someones head. There wasn't room to move around. It was held at a local Greek church and the space was not big enough for the amount of people who came. Finally we just bought some food and took it to the car and left. No where to sit or even set a plate on. We won't be back next year.

Shopping, crowds and sleepovers, that pretty much describes our weekend. We didn't go to church because of Kiwi's MRSA, we didn't want to put her in a nursery.

Now I am off to do my reading for class tomorrow night. Mondays come fast.


  1. When one of mine left, I thought the other would straighten out. But now I'm realizing he was the mastermind behind some of the stuff the other one did.

    I avoid the festivals for the same reason. I think some of them would add some culture but they are always too crowded and you can't hear the music or see the dancing and stuff anyway.

  2. Do you think that the new school is helping? Kids can be so hard to figure out.

  3. I think it is because there is no one to impress. THe work is done by computer so if he tries his cute stuff, he's interrupting their actual work, not a boring lecture. They can play computer games or go online once the daily work is done so most of them want to do the work. Grade-wise--he's struggling with two classes. Since it's by computer, it's pretty cut and dry and you can't charm a computer : )