Friday, September 3, 2010

We are heading to the beach today. I do believe that I have mentioned that I procrastinate. Of course, getting two kids two days ago slowed me down a little more. I didn't hear from the SW so I wentto Goodwill this morning to get some baby clothing. I needed to get it early so I could wash it before we left.
While I was gone the licensing worker came by to get pictures of John and I for our file. Well, I wasn't there. She told John that someone had a bag of clothing for the girls. Well, that doesn't help me today. I would have to wash them before using them anyways. Besides it is noon and they haven't showed up yet.
So, I am taking a break from packing. Whatever I forget we will just do without.

Jason stopped by and I put him to work.

I just got a call from Kim. Joselin took a test to try and get in Job Corps. She didn't do too well. Today they were having a big meeting to determine her options. They offered her a chance to get her degree if she did two years and summer school. She decided to take that option. I am glad that she made that decision.
Well, lunch is here and then back to packing.

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