Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Day

My day started early today. I had to get up extra early so I could put my hair up in a bun so I looked squared away in my uniform.
Then I get Anthony up. He has to be up extra early because it takes him a long time to get ready. Sarah gets up after him and takes a shower, puts on makeup and all the teenager stuff. They are ready to go at the same time.
Loaded all the kids in the car and dropped three of them off at three different schools, passing two accidents.
Rushed home and got things around for the babysitter and fed the babies breakfast. My babysitter showed up at 8 and I showed her where everything was and take off for drill.
I worked until a little before 2 pm. I was also told today that they want me to go to a 6 week MOS training school. Uh, not going to happen. When my unit changed they took away my job. I have to have a MOS for a job at my unit or change units. I told him that I would have a problem doing that. I also stated that my husband wouldn't like it. He said that his wife didn't like it when he left for training. I asked him if his wife lived with him and he looked at me strangely and said of course. I explained to him that my husband did not live with me. I think that it is time that I get out of the military due to lack of a family care plan.
Got home at 2 and relieved the babysitter. Spent a few minutes with the babies and then loaded them up to get kids. Picked up Anthony and Larissa.
Came home and spent some time with the kids. Larissa noticed that her Baby Alive has a hole on her bottom and she asked me if she could pee. Drat, I had been avoiding that question. I had to be honest and tell her that if she fed her water she would pee. Do you realize that they only give those peeing dolls one diaper? .......and it quickly fills up and starts dripping everywhere?
I also helped Anthony with homework. He seems to have a problem with tallying. OK, he can't do them at all. He seems to have no clue what he is doing even after I explained them to him several times. Math is his problem subject.
While cleaning out his backpack this afternoon I found this written on the back of his math sheet.
It says "I am just sitting bord hear". Hmmmm, maybe if he payed a little more attention in math it would help. He does enjoy art. Now, unless you think that his frown is a sign of some great depression, we aware that it only exists in math.
On the back of his paper where he was practicing letters he was in a better mood. I would have thought he would be bored then because he writes very nicely.

At 5:30 I started dinner and had the kids fed by 6:30. They played for a little while and I put the little ones down at 7pm. As I was walking down the stairs I had thoughts of perhaps doing some studying until I remembered that I had to pick up the prescriptions that I couldn't fill yesterday.

I ran to KMart and got the prescriptions and a bag of newborn diapers for the naked Baby Alive.

I came home just in time to put Anthony and Larissa to bed.

Now I think I may have one of those cupcakes and study.

There in a nutshell is my very unexciting day.


  1. You know, sometimes I gotta post about all my running from place to place so my DH won't think I'm sitting around watching soap operas (are those still on?) and eating bon bons.