Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Moment, Sad Moment

Our baby, who I think I will call Dimples, is growing up. She came into our home 20 days ago doing the belly low crawl. Then she moved up to getting on her knees and falling forward on her belly. Today she crawled, scooted over to me and promptly sat down. It was her first time to get herself into a sitting position!
She looked at me and smiled, showing me her dimples. She was so excited. I was excited with her. She spent the next hour crawling and sitting up, mastering her new found ability.
It was a happy moment, it was a sad moment.
It was a moment I got to celebrate with her, it was a moment her momma missed.
Thus is the life of foster parenting; embrace, love, protect, encourage, and teach them while you have them and then let them go when the courts say so. It is not an easy calling to have.

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  1. I ALWAYS cried when our babies left. It was so hard watching all their progress, seeing the firsts, and then saying goodbye. They each left with a full scrapbook of pictures.