Sunday, September 5, 2010


Quick note, we are having a great time at Myrtle Beach. The weather is great, no sign that Hurricane Earl came close.

We have sand everywhere, in our hotel, in our clothes, in our hair, in all the babies layers of fat (I may never find it all) and burning sand under our toes.

We head home tomorrow and I will share some pictures. My camera died so I can't take anymore, I will survive but I am not happy.

The new babies are doing fine. We were surprised last night when we went to Planet Hollywood to celebrate my son in laws promotion to sergeant that Kiwi did so well. She sat with us and ate great. Kiwi is showing some signs of anxiety. She has become very whinny and clingy, that is to be expected. She is too young to really understand what is going on.

Well, Kiwi is up from her nap so I am taking three little ones to the pool and leave John on baby duty. Have a great Labor Day.

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