Thursday, September 16, 2010

Making Cake Part 1

I got the little ones down for a nap and realized that I needed to make Larissa's birthday cake for tomorrow. I use four different pans, two cake mixes. What I am making is a dress that flows outward as it goes down. This little bowl goes on the top. I bought this when I made my first Barbie cake for Tasha 16 years ago.

I guess this isn't really a Barbie cake, it should be called a Princess cake. Sometimes I take their clothing off and decorate the top, lately I have just gotten lazy and saran wrap the doll.
I wasted 15 minutes looking for the doll. I thought I had hid it in my closet but couldn't find it. After searching in vain for awhile I remembered that I decided not to hide it in there because Larissa has learned that it is my hiding spot, I found it under my bathroom sink.
I put the largest layer on the bottom and cut out a small section so the doll can fit in.

Now I get to wait. I could only make one box because I had 5 eggs and needed six. Thankfully Jason is going to buy me some eggs. I hope the get the cake parts put together this afternoon and get it into the outside fridge. I will decorate it after Larissa is in bed.
So, you will have to come back later to see the finished product.

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