Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Day

Three times today I got my mom up and into her wheelchair.  I brought her into the center of activity (the kitchen) and fed her.  Every time she ate and then tried to fall asleep in her wheelchair.  When I would ask her if she was feeling OK she would say yes but ask to go back to bed.  She slept for a majority of the day.  I hope that her new antibiotics help her to feel better.

I also didn't make it to class tonight.  I just didn't feel that I could leave since my mom wasn't up when I would have left I was concerned that she would not get dinner.  I do not expect John to do a Depend change and get her up.  Sarah stayed with my mom after breakfast and we ran to the airport to pick up my mom's luggage.  We also got to the commissary.....geez, $350 later we have a stocked pantry.  It seems as though those grocery get more expensive every time I go.

John took Mon-Wed off and it was nice to have him here.  He took the kids to school in the morning giving me a big break.  He also picked them up for me.  Tomorrow he will be at work and I will be working hard on an assignment that is due at 4:30....I haven't even started on it.  Normally I am not that bad!  I also have a paper due on Friday that I will try to finish tomorrow.

Friday I have an appointment with a new therapist for the two little ones.  I am curious to see how this one pans out.  Hopefully we can get some help.  Still waiting on a TPR trial date for the girls.  The 90 days to file for a court date is up on the 3rd.  If they haven't filed by then adoptions can make a stink.

It seems as though every day I am totally exhausted by the end of the day.  Normally at this time I am just getting into my studying, I guess that is why I am so far behind....I can't think past 8pm.  So I am off to bed.  Have a good night everyone!

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  1. Good that youre getting her set up on a routine. You need to also focus on your routine. Take your schoolwork into the bathroom if u must just so you can get something done. Delegate as well. your mom might not be acclimatised yet. or she may think if she stays in bed, your own routine wont change & u wont resent her needing you. Everything seems overwhelming but it really will become easier.