Sunday, February 19, 2012


I admit it....I have been snooping.  I had a friend call me and tell me to check the news on my kids county.  That got me to snooping.  Both of their parents have been in jail in the last few weeks.....and a grandma too just to add to the excitement.  I did more snooping and found one picture of each girl from when they were quite a bit younger.  The pictures actually made me sad.  Sad that they didn't come into care at a younger age.  Pictures of running noses, sores, bruises and rotten teeth.  A lot is told in those two little pictures. 

I did some snooping for my teen too but didn't come upon any old sites with any baby pictures.  We take lots of pictures in our house so it is sad when we don't have the baby pictures.  I know that that always bothered Joselin. 

Besides snooping I have been studying.  I am only taking two classes but they seem to be two very time consuming classes.  I have a presentation this Wednesday and two lessons I need to do by Thursday.  I enjoy my classes but lately they have just been too time consuming.  I guess that if I didn't have any other obligations I wouldn't feel that way.

Yesterday I spent the entire day doing laundry.  Yep, laundry....and I continued today.....and I am still not done.  I had baskets of clothing sitting around that I had to go through.  It was one of those "it looks worse before it gets better" type of projects.

Still dealing with my mom and all of her therapy appointments.  It is going to be a long road to recovery and strength.  Our objective is to just get to the point where she can transition better.  She can take some steps with the walker but she is so weak that she can't get far.  The PT thinks that they just put her in a wheelchair since she was a fall risk and then they just left her there.  I wonder if she had another stroke at one point because her left side is a lot weaker then her right side, more then I ever recall it being.

I am off to bed.  The kids are out of school tomorrow so I need my energy!

I'll be back tomorrow to let everyone know how the kids are doing.  Have a great evening.

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