Saturday, February 11, 2012


My objectives for this weekend are:

Do Larissa's hair...oh my!  It is so bad that it must be accomplished today.  I can't take her to church with her current hair mess.

Attend a 31 party with the teens.  I have never been to one but am going to enjoy some adult company.

Not spend a lot of money at the 31 party.

Work on my Wiki for class and read for my other class.

Go to a movie with the hubby.

Paint a little on many choices.

Get snacks for church and Bible study....our turn for both. Either convince mom to go to church or get a sitter.

Get kids working on their Valentines.


Maybe work on those taxes.

Work on Tasha's care package.

I am not even going put put down work on a pile of clutter because I haven't gotten too far on the last one.  No sock matching either.

Maybe putting it down will inspire me to accomplish something.

What are your plans?

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