Monday, February 20, 2012

Gift in the Mail

The girls got a gift in the mail from Kathy Cassel, they were pretty excited.  Kathy writes Christian based books.  The girls received books from her Just For Me group and they are appropriate for my girls....ages 5 and 6.  They put them in their Bible bags and take them to church with them. 

The books are filled out with some fun activities and readings.  Some discussions did come from the readings.  Lily was reading about families and the question came up in the book, "List three ways your parents care for you".  It was a good opening for us to discuss the role of good parents.

Her books are available on Amazon and here at  She also writes books for older children as well.  Kathy has also adopted children internationally and from foster care.  Go check out one of her blogs at Just4Girls .  She frequently has free book giveaways.

(Kathy remind me when I can post pictures of the girls and I will post the top picture with all the girls smiling, great picture that I can't share!)


  1. Thank you : )

    I tired to make the Family book fit as many different situations as possible without violating their "no issues" policy.

  2. These look like darling books! ~ Angela