Friday, February 17, 2012


This week was visitation time again for the girls.  We had a new showed up.  After 6 months of no shows she came.  It is mighty convenient to just leave for that long and then show up as though you haven't done anything wrong.  Lily asked me all the time why she didn't come.  DSS told her because mom had car problems....yea, for 6 months.  Even Lily didn't buy it.

Do the parents have any idea how much they are messing with their kids when they do this?  Yet the kids are excited and forgiving.  They just want for their mom to love them and fight for them.  Funny how that works.  It doesn't matter how much bios abuse or neglect, the little ones want them anyways.

The end of visit was interesting.  The SW came out and asked me about Dimples chin.  She had a carpet burn from daycare that is about healed.  Apparently Lily told them she burned it on our stove!  Lily does that tattling but she also does the lying along with it.  Anything to get the attention.  Anyways I had to explain that it was a carpet burn.  I wonder if I should send a picture of Dimples standing next to the stove.....her chin cannot reach it unless she was standing on a chair.  We don't do chairs by the stove.

The girls received necklaces that mom wanted me to take from them and give back at next visit so they can wear them to the visit.  I did take them up.....but someone please remind me to take them on the next visit!

You would think that there would have been behavior issues after the visit.  That is actually normal for foster kids.  Halfway home the conversation changed from mom and dad to what candy they would share with Larissa.  (They received the usual overload of candy that many of our foster kids get on visits).  Very little mention of the visit since.  No behavior issues.  I am not sure what I make of that. 

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  1. I guess bio parents are not all that different. Our boys' bios always give them candy and are crazy picky about what they wear. We have a termination hearing coming up and I'm praying that nothing comes up to stand in the way. I will be very glad to have them totally out from under their bio parent influence. Then the next stop is adoption! Hopefully before the beginning of next school year. :)