Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Foster Care Review Board

Yesterday I went to the teens Foster Care Review Board.  What is that?

From their site:
About the Division of Foster Care Review
The South Carolina Children's Foster Care Review Board was created in 1974 by the General Assembly to monitor the progress in achieving permanent placements for children in foster care.  The Children's Foster Care Review Board is administered by the Governor's Office of Executive Policy and Programs.
South Carolina was the first state to pass a law allowing citizens from each community to become involved in the child welfare system by participating in case reviews of all children who spend longer than four consecutive months in foster care.  The objectives of these reviews are to ensure that permanent plans are being made for children and families; and, to promote community awareness about these issues.

Each of South Carolina's sixteen judicial circuits has at least one local review board.  Each local review board is made up of five volunteers, appointed by the Governor,  from the community.  A professional staff person from the Division of Foster Care Review coordinates the monthly review meetings of each local board.

The Children's Foster Care Review Board is supported by a seven member State Board of Directors.  The State Board meets quarterly and is responsible for reviewing and coordinating the activities of the local review boards and making recommendations in an annual report to the Governor and the General Assembly.

For every meeting I went to with Anthony and Larissa they recommended TPR and adoption.  It really didn't make any difference.  They don't seem to have any power and no impact that I have seen.  Looks like all they do is create paperwork for everyone involved.  As foster parents we are given paperwork to fill out with the child's progress.  Or, we can attend.  I didn't get around to filling out the paperwork so I attended.

The teens GAL, SW and I showed up and gave an update to the board.  I was surprised when the GAL said that our teen told her that this last Christmas was her best Christmas ever.  That was nice to hear.  Our teen can give us some trying times but she is so sweet.  She is very honest and open about her feelings and life....so unusual for a teen.

Her SW wanted to know who our adoption worker is for our other kids so that our teen can be assigned the same one.  It would make sense for just one worker to come to the house each month instead of two.  Perhaps this case will actually move forward.  All parties involved seem interested in doing so.  The next six months will tell. 

The 90 days to file for TPR and get a court date for our other girls has past....with no filing.  Surprised?

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